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Put the "fun" back in fundraising

Fundraising is a necessary evil for most schools. But how do you raise much needed funds in the most effective and productive way? 


Here are a few ideas, with each one ranked from 1-3 stars by the earnings potential, cost and popularity to get the best fit for your organization or cause. 


T-shirt Fundraiser

  • Earnings Potential ***

  • Cost *

  • Popularity ***


Creating a custom designed t-shirt is great for everyone! The organization promotes their cause or message and the buyers get a memorable item for their donation. Plus, a t-shirt is walking advertisement for your organization or school. The Mckenna Group enjoys partnering with schools and organizations for T-shirt fundraisers. Ask us about our custom store we can create just for your cause! 


Penny Drive


  • Earnings Potential **

  • Cost *

  • Popularity **


Most local shops will be happy to place a jar on their counter for penny change. You create the jars clearly marked with the name and objective of your group and with permission from merchants ask them to promote small donations of change. Most folks will donate more than just penny’s which can add up quickly. 

 Balloon Raffle 

  • Earnings Potential **

  • Cost **

  • Popularity **


This works best when paired with an event such as a concert, show, or game. Place a raffle ticket inside of every balloon and charge $1.00 for each balloon. At a given time, everyone will pop their balloon and one will have the winning ticket. The winner will get a small prize worthy of their $1.00 donation. 

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